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Where will you put your cat when you go on holiday? Fleur De Lys Worthing Cattery, of course!

Cats exhibit many characteristics shared by humans, such as strong personalities, emotions, and so on, if you pay close attention to them. They treat us like family and provide us with a lot of joy.

However, you must consider where your cat will stay when you must travel because of an emergency or for a vacation. Many people who travel with their cat encounter issues like accommodation limits and travel-related cat illness. Some people ask a friend or member of their family to look after their cat, although they might not have the time. Some individuals hire a pet sitter to look after their cat, but they are also handing over control of their house to someone they don't really know. So, who is qualified to take good care of your cat? - Worthing professional cattery services.

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Your cat will be cared for by experts who are accustomed to caring for cats, which is the main advantage of boarding your pet at a facility. Animals are constantly visited throughout the day in a boarding facility like Cattery Fleur De Lys Worthing, Sussex, to ensure that they are eating and drinking properly, aren't contracting any diseases, and are content and happy.

When boarding your cat in Worthing, Sussex, keep these suggestions in mind.

Begin your search by speaking with local cat owners you know and asking them about their experiences with boarding facilities. You can also read reviews. Write down on a paper the boarding houses your friends suggest, along with any advantages and disadvantages they pointed out. Consult your veterinarian for boarding facility recommendations. Look up cat boarding providers online and browse their websites. Visit the boarding houses you picked following your search to see what they have to offer. Worthing-based cattery Fleur De Lys regularly welcomes visitors to see its facilities. Verify that they have maintained cleanliness and that the cats in the area appear content and contented.

Don't be afraid to reserve early. As soon as you know you'll be spending the holidays away from home, start looking for a boarding facility. Once you've found the facility you think is best, reserve a spot for your cat there as soon as you can because most catteries are booked solid during the summer and school breaks. Find out if the boarding company will accept a deposit to hold your reservation. 

How should your cat be prepared for boarding? – Get a vet visit to a cattery in Worthing a month before boarding your cat to make sure it's healthy, especially if it's an older cat with ongoing medical issues. Additionally, all reputable boarding facilities demand that cats receive a vaccination before staying there. It's also possible that the boarding facility has specific vaccination requirements. Therefore, remember to update your cat's vaccines a month before boarding.
Agreement with boarding facility – The boarding facility you are choosing should have a written contract that outlines your rights and obligations as a boarding firm. This kind of contract is crucial since it will safeguard both you and the boarding company from misunderstandings.

Other factors to think about

Starting to board your cat when they are young will get them habituated to a boarding facility.
Bring your cat's favourite toy, blanket, or pillowcase to the boarding to make the transition for him or her to the new surroundings smoother.

As cats frequently suffer diarrhoea or stop eating if their regular food is changed, find out from the boarding facility if you may bring your cat's favourite food with you while you board.
Verify the licence of the boarding house you are considering using.

Remember to give the boarding facility your contact information as well as information on a local backup in case of emergency.

As cats settle in better if they don't see that you are leaving them, remain in the office while dropping off your cat at the boarding facility until their staff brings your cat inside.

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