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About Cattery Fleur De Lys, Worthing Sussex.

Caring for animals for over 20 years.

Our cat boarding hotel is located in Findon Valley, Worthing. Cattery Fleur De Lys provides a quiet, secluded yet stimulating setting where your cat can feel safe and secure with attentive humans on hand. Our aim is to ensure your cat is able to feel as at home as possible and to keep them feeling loved and cared for in your absence, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time away with the knowledge they are under a constant watchful eye.

We have the experience to understand the nature of a cat, its body language and facial expressions and adjust our behaviour and approach to encourage cats to want to come and bond with us of their own free will. Each visit sees returning visitors settle quicker and more easily and begin to show us their true characters which is so rewarding to see. We understand how important communication is for clients, so they know how their cats are getting on and they are always welcome to view their cat’s record diary of their stay here. We take time to notice and check all signs of normal health, eating, drinking habits and behaviour and react accordingly if any changes need to be made to diet, temperature of the pen, layout, type of bedding, litter, pegging open cat flaps, even choice of music to help your cat throughout its stay.


We look forward to welcoming your cat to Cattery Fleur De Lys. 

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