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Holiday vaccination check-up when coming to Cattery Fleur De Lys, Worthing, Sussex

Many people will be planning their summer vacations and looking forward to getting away this year. Here are some of my suggestions to assist you be ready ahead of time and make sure your cat is completely prepared for boarding at our Worthing Cattery located within easy reach of Steyning, Storrington, Shoreham, Lancing, Brighton & Hove.

Verify your pet has the necessary vaccines. Consult your personal veterinarian if you're unsure.
Get in touch with your cattery and make a reservation as soon as you can.
Before making travel arrangements for yourself, always make sure your cat can stay at your preferred cattery.

Having a few catteries you are happy with is a smart idea.

If you are utilising a new cattery, it is important to inquire about scheduling a viewing appointment before making a reservation. This provides you the chance to locate the cattery before transporting your cat by car and to ensure that you are satisfied with the amenities.

A safe carry box or basket is one of the most essential things you should have for your cat. Check your carry box's condition before leaving and replace it if necessary. We strongly suggest getting a wire carry basket if you need to get a new one because it's the safest type.
For the duration of your cat's stay, make sure you have enough prescription food and medication. If your visit will take a while, get in touch with the veterinarian beforehand and give the cattery owner permission to  be provided information on your cat's health and wellbeing. 


Prior to going to the vet or cattery, try not to let your cat out because they will definitely pull a disappearing act!
Lift up all food the evening before at 8 p.m. if your cat has trouble travelling, but make sure they have access to drink. Make arrangements with your cattery to have breakfast ready for them when you arrive.
If you are arriving in the afternoon, plan to do something similar.

There are a wide variety of calming tablets, capsules, and sprays available online or you may ask your veterinarian for help if your cat becomes worried or frightened while travelling.
When travelling, you might want to consider covering your cat with a blanket.
As you would a child, make sure your carry box is secured in the car.


Cat in a handbag or box
immunisation record or other documentation
Medication on Prescription
Food on Prescription


Own bedding or anything that smells like home
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