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Choosing a Worthing Cattery - Best Catteries In Sussex Close To Gatwick

When I founded Cattery Fleur De Lys, I set out to establish a place where even the most sensitive cat could feel safe, secure, and as though they were in their own home. My goal is for my clients to be able to relax and enjoy their time away without worrying about their cherished animals. Our knowledge, love of cats, and profound awareness of their many requirements are the key to all of this. I'm happy to report that, much to the surprise of their owners, we have successfully housed a lot of sensitive cats who, for the most part, had trouble adjusting in other catteries.

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Selecting a Catttery In Worthing, Sussex

People frequently ask me what factors they should take into account when choosing a cattery. I would advise you to start by visiting the website of your local council and asking whether or not the cattery you are considering has a licence from the council. If so, you should also ask what rating they obtained. Get a copy of the cattery's licence by requesting it. The licence is crucial since it attests to the establishment's sound policies, excellent accommodations and employees, and adequate insurance. According to the new DEFRA laws, you cannot receive a five-star rating unless your pens are at least 50% larger than the minimum size required by the government.

If you're going away for a few weeks and your cat is accustomed to living in a spacious, centrally heated home, you should carefully think about whether an enclosure made primarily of chicken wire outside in a gale will be comfortable for your cat. Even though it can come as a bit of a shock, many catteries operate in this manner. Find a location that offers contemporary, hygienic, roomy, light, and peaceful circumstances that are engaging yet secure.

Given the length of time your cat will spend in his or her new room, it's crucial that there be enough stimulating activities accessible. As a result, make sure your home has a cat tree, toys, and preferably a bed they can sleep in while also curling up in, as well as soft blankets that cats like to lounge in.

The majority of cats prefer to have a view, thus they look for pens with big windows that have something interesting to look out at, like possibly some wildlife. Everything contributes to keeping people engaged and inspired.

Heating is yet another critical feature to consider. The sleeping room should ideally include a thermostat so that it can be maintained at a consistent temperature of about 22 degrees Celsius. However, it's also crucial to have sufficient ventilation, air extraction, and a facility to raise the temperature, especially if it's chilly in the winter.

The "conservatory effect" causes many catteries to employ glass PVC structures, which can get very hot in the summer. In these cases, look for air conditioning. In our case, we constructed our pens inside of a robust structure to avoid the buildup of heat.

The cattery's cleaning schedule is one crucial question to ask. Make sure the pens are meticulously cleaned during each stay and, most importantly, in between changeovers. Cross contamination is something to watch out for.

Whether or not your cat is sensitive, they will undoubtedly perform better in a calm, serene atmosphere without any unexpected, loud noises that can startle or frighten them.

The amount of experience of the personnel will be crucial, especially if your cat has special needs. When you first met the personnel, did it make you feel good? Did they communicate well, and did you feel comfortable leaving your cat in their care and leaving? Ask inquiries to better understand how they will care for your cat and handle any unique needs it may have. It's also important to observe the other boarded cats. Do they appear content and at ease? Do the pens appear secure and safe? Are they neat and orderly?

Some cats are sensitive and challenging to feed at the best of times, and they can become particularly trickier in an unfamiliar setting. The feeding schedule is also crucial; find out what food the cattery offers and whether they can supply temptators in the event that your cat becomes food-intolerant. What measures will they take to ensure that your cat continues to eat properly?

We have had several cats with disabilities here at Cattery Fleur De Lys in worthing, including blind cats, deaf cats, and cats that regrettably had to have limbs amputated. If your cat falls into this category, find out if the enclosures can be modified to meet their unique needs. For instance, will they offer jump stools or move to floor-level living?

The length of time the staff will spend with your cat engaging in stimulation and enrichment is another important consideration. Is this an additional cost or is it already included in the price? How frequently will your cat be checked on, and are there procedures in place to track your cat's consumption of food and water as well as their 'output'? Can the employees administer medicine? Will you receive regular updates, possibly even images or videos so you can see that everything is okay while you're away? You'll undoubtedly be worrying about how your cat is doing while you're away.

This Worthing Cattery article should have been useful in showcasing some of the factors to take into account while selecting a cattery. We would be happy to house your cat for you if you're going away soon and require a five-star cat hotel. Please contact us by phone or email to arrange an inspection visit. Our Worthing Cattery is located 30 minutes from Gatwick airport and our cat boarding service is available 52 weeks of the year. 

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