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Best Food For Cats? Raw diet & Information

What should cats eat?

Cats must consume a diet high in protein since they are obligate carnivores. High grade animal protein, safe bone content, lipids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals are all components of the best cat food. Discover the finest food for cats by reading our nutrition guide for cats. Our own resident cats at our Worthing Cattery located in Sussex only have the best Bella and Duke raw food.

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The finest cat food

The diet of a cat is very important to its general health.

You may lessen the possibility that your cat will experience nutritional-related health issues by ensuring that they receive all the essential nutrients through their food.

A cat must eat a balanced diet to stay healthy.

The ideal cat food should always contain healthy fats.

For cats, grains are virtually indigestible.

A cat must eat a balanced diet to stay healthy. Thjis  means that in order to meet the nutritional needs of cats, it is important to ensure that all vital ingredients are used in the right amounts. For cat food to be nutritionally ideal, healthy protein sources must be varied.

Prior to choosing which foods to feed a cat, you should be informed of their specific requirements, such as whether they have a major medical condition that requires them to consume more or less of a particular nutrient.

The following are the top 7 ingredients are found in the finest cat food such as Bella & Duke Raw Food:

Top-notch protein

Very little fruit and veg

Healthy fat

Important nutrients and vitamins, including taurine

without grains

without fillers

bone substance

Because they frequently consume protein for energy, cats need more protein than omnivores like dogs.  The structural components of cats' organs, tissue, muscles, skin, hair, tendons, and blood are proteins.

A cat's protein requirements varies over the course of its lifetime. For instance, cats who are nursing need a greater protein intake to promote the growth of their kittens.

Beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, and fish are common sources of protein in cat food. Making sure cats get a healthy diet can involve variety.

For instance, fish is a common source of protein, but cat owners should be cautious about feeding a diet that only includes raw fish. Because raw fish includes thiaminase, which research suggests can cause a thiamine deficiency.

However, several medical disorders can necessitate constant monitoring and control of protein consumption. Older cats may also need to eat more protein to help them absorb and metabolise it.

For instance, those with chronic kidney illness should consume a diet that is suited to their specific requirements rather than one that is high in protein.

In order for the protein to have beneficial effects in the cat food, its quality is essential.

Fruit and veggies

Fruit is not necessary for cats. Although some veggies can operate as insoluble fibre, which is good for the digestive system, they are not a necessary component of the finest cat food nutrition.

Omega 3 & 6 fats

Healthy fats are advantageous for the condition of cats' skin and coat. The ideal food for both indoor and outdoor cats should always contain these. Omega-3s have been demonstrated to reduce joint inflammation, helping cats with arthritis.

To ensure that the fat utilised is healthy for the cat, quality and sourcing are crucial since this enables the cat to assimilate and utilise the fat to its fullest potential.

Crucial minerals, amino acids, and vitamins

Amino acids are used by cats to produce energy for maintaining their metabolism and driving biological functions like the production of new proteins and tissue repair and growth. Amino acid deficiencies in cats might make it difficult for their bodies to work properly.

A vital amino acid that is present in protein is taurine. This is crucial for cats because those who don't get enough taurine suffer from major health disorders like heart troubles and vision problems. The best natural cat food will always contain taurine because of this.

Without grains or fillers

Since cats don't manufacture amylase in their saliva, the digesting process takes place much further along the gastrointestinal canal, rendering grains almost entirely indigestible.

Foods do not contain fillers, which have no nutritional advantages, other than to bulk them out and save money.

The greatest cat chow won't contain any extraneous components. Instead, the best natural cat food is created expressly to support their overall welfare.

Bone substance

For cats, having the right proportion and variety of bone content is essential. Raw bone not only offers nutrition, but it also supports healthy teeth, gums, and digestion, among many other health advantages. Because poultry bones are simple to digest and hence best for cats, Bella & Duke raw cat food uses them.

Evaluating various cat food alternatives

Raw cat food from Bella & Duke is brimming with premium, fresh ingredients. To assist you in choosing the finest food for cats, we examine the distinctions between raw, prepared, and highly processed food in this section.

Raw versus cooked food

Proteins, vitamins, and minerals are denatured during cooking, which is a problem. If a protein is denatured, your cat has a harder time absorbing the nutrients it needs to survive.

If you are making food for your cat at home, it can sometimes be challenging to ensure a balanced diet. Commercial raw food producers may test batches and are aware of their vitamin and mineral composition. This is challenging to do with home cooking because giving your cat a chicken breast does not constitute a balanced meal.

High-processed foods versus raw foods

Contrasting raw and kibble cat food alternatives

Highly processed diets are thought to exacerbate chronic inflammation and be connected to a number of pet degenerative diseases.

The final result of processed foods is very different from the original ingredients because of several changes made during processing that may be harmful to the health of pets.

The best cat food is not highly processed (using high heat and high-pressure techniques). Instead, to achieve optimal bioavailability, the required elements in a cat's diet should be minimally processed.

Written by our Cattery Fleur De Lys, Worthing located in Sussex. Close proximity to Steyning, Shoreham, just 30 Mins from Gatwick.

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